The Spirit Fitness App Has Officially Launched

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - 17:15





The Spirit Fitness App is now available for users of XBR55, XBU55, XE295, XE395, and XG400 models, featuring:



User Profiles

The app allows multiple users to manage their

workout profiles individually. Each user can 

 maintain his or her workout data and preference without re-adjusting for every training.




Training Program Management

Each user can organize his or her favorite training programs and settings.You can start training with just a few taps.


Social Media

Your social media accounts are easily accessible as you exercise. Icons are fixed in the lower right corner in the program interface.




Training Programs

The app provides comprehensive explanation of each training program.


Multiple Display Modes

The app provides multiple display modes that show workout details in simple, track, and dashboard views.




Workout History and Data

The app records your every workout detail. You can review data in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.





Distributing the Spirit Fitness App does not require agents’ effort! Anyone can get the Spirit Fitness App through the App Store right now. Due to Apple’s policy, all legitimate apps must be downloaded through either the App Store on iOS devices, or iTunes on computers.


App Store is a default application on iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch.





In the App Store, search for “spirit fitness app” and the app will
show up first in the queue, allowing immediate download.




If a user is downloading the app using iTunes on computers,

search for “spirit manufacturing”. This is the fastest way to

get the Spirit Fitness App to show up.



You will see both the iPhone version and the iPad version

available for download.







Console Choices


Users may use either the traditional console or the new App console. Both have perks: The traditional console can operate without the Spirit App. Meanwhile, the new App console is specifically designed to fit smart devices.


iOS and Android App


All your workout detail and information can be displayed directly on your iOS and Android* devices screens where you can read your workout program and data.


*The Android version is set to release at a later date.


Wireless Connectivity


Cables are no longer needed. The console and your iOS devices can communicate wirelessly through Bluetooth 4.0, featuring the newest Bluetooth Low Energy technology. This technology increases power efficiency during connectivity, unlike older versions of Bluetooth.


Audio Connectivity


The integrated audio-in jack and built-in speakers will play your music directly on the console,

eliminating the need of having extra audio equipment during your workout.


Adjustable Device Holder


Simply place your device on the App console stand and adjust the holder accordingly. Your device

will stay put during workout.


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