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 Spirit Fitness in the UK - New Level


New Level's distinctive achievement in the UK stems from its Spirit Fitness sales and marketing, which pan multiple sectors with a flair of health promotion and community awareness. With this mindset New Level has created unique offerings tailored to the education market. 



Inspiring the Next Generation of Olympians


According to New Level, schools play a key part in encouraging young people to take up sport and fostering a sense of wellbeing and health. An exclusive and limited time discount infomercial was distributed with the following pointers:


Post-Olympics 2012 we have a new generation, inspired by sporting heroes and motivated to emulate their idols.


Whether they want to be athletes, triathletes, rowers or runners, keeping students driven and enthusiastic about sport and fitness is essential in fighting obesity and poor health in later life.


Now it’s your turn…are you inspiring the next generation of Olympians?


Education about health is crucial; even more so in the early stages of a child’s development and in forming good habits for life. Sport Athlete Mentors are raising awareness and engaging young people in health and fitness.





School Principal of Waterford School, Mary Ryan, stated her motivation to work with New Level formed upon both pricing and exemplary services: "Fitness levels for students and staff in our school Waterford are on the up following Spirit Fitness’ supply and installation of new gym equipment in our sports complex. We found the co-ordinator to be extremely helpful – our budget was limited but pricing was keen. Both installation and follow up service were excellent. We will certainly contact Spirit Fitness again when our budget allows for further expansion.”



And the education goes on


Consequent collaborations and promotions with schools can be seen on New Level's website. 





Service Offerings


Spirit Fitness B2B customers in the UK enjoy finance options, free site visit and consultation, free gym planning service, parts and labour warranty, free on site installation service, and maintenace packages.


Inquire New Level for terms, conditions and additional service options today.







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