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Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 15:15



Even though Spirit Fitness targets mostly the specialty market, our marketing efforts still need to be B2B2C conscious. Illustrating motion is an efficient practice; if a picture is a thousand words, videos are tremendously stimulating for businesses. Other than human models interacting with the products, the 2014 videos feature professional voiceover and edited touches of graphics. This content reconstructs user experience as if customer can feel the texture, weight, and the sturdiness of our equipments anywhere they access the videos.



In plain texts, 10 degrees probably don't

seem like a lot.

Demonstrating ease of use is extra appealing

in videos. Sometimes customers don't

notice how these small buttons can make

their lives easier until we show them

where it is and how it moves.

The voiceover script was uniquely written just for these videos. “We understand that a treadmill has to be more than just a standard set of boring features.” Yes, we truly do. Spirit really has the right spirit…pun not intended.



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Introduction to the e-Glide Trainer

e-Glide Product Video


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