Where Timeless Heritage and Innovation Convene

Exquisite and ergonomically tailored, Spirit combines fitness with effective user experiences.

With other products on the market, “innovation” implies unfamiliar product features packed with technological jargons. Spirit Fitness, however, provides innovative designs that are truly relevant to the needs of both gym owners and home users.



For 30 years straight since its launch in the U.S.A., Spirit equipments withstood the test of time. We keep up with new interactive features, while retaining engineering prowess in the core of our product structures – the undeniable backbone of excellence.



Where a New Exercise Experience was Born: the e•Glide

Smoothness is a practical appeal in cycling, where more energy could be expended without feeling as tired compared to other exercising methods. Spirit engineers realized this concept by combining elliptical trainer and bikes. We named this invention the e•Glide. The market responded with praise that spoke of a floating feeling users get from our patented Direct Drive System.


Where Subtlety Becomes the Centerpiece of Strong Performance


Spirit bikes, elliptical trainers, and e•Glide were the first on the market to integrate two-degree inward tilt to make your workout more ergonomically correct. 


Spirit’s novelty extended to its user experiences, by being one of the first brands to include cooling fans in fitness products.


Essence of User Experience

The number one reason people stop exercising is from boredom, and we know that if you are a little more comfortable, you will exercise longer and achieve your fitness goals faster. MP3 player-compatible jacks in our consoles are motivators for workouts. Ease-of-use is boosted through control buttons, located within reach on the handrails so your workout won’t be interrupted.


…and Where Spirit’s Caliber Finds Home.

Precision, strength, user friendliness, and innovation aren’t qualities restricted in light commercial equipments. Premium gym-inspired features are integrated in our residential products as well.

Running Surface
Surface is measured by Width x Height. Most Spirit models feature extra wide surface for users of varying statures.
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